Off-road Composite Campers

Light. Durable. Insulated.
Ready for any adventure.

The right-sized expedition truck for all your adventures

Durable and lightweight composite sandwich panels offer unmatched performance compared to metal framing or traditional molded fiberglass. 

Far lighter with superior structural integrity, weight capacity, impact resistance and thermal performance – the ultimate camper construction method. 

Direct frame mount for minimum weight and maximum off-road capabilities.

Ultralight expedition cabin built for a lifetime of off-road use.

1,000 lb net dry weight.

Complete builds: $115,000 – $135,000.

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  • Innovative interior floor plan including substantial storage and counter space built from lightweight composite materials
  • Powered roof-lift system
  • Pass-through garage storage space
  • Gasoline/diesel air heating
  • 12V water heating
  • Isotherm refrigerator
  • Induction cooktop
  • Victron power management and marine grade wiring and circuit protection
  • 2000W inverter and 120V plugs
  • Premium lithium batteries
  • 230W  – 690W solar
  • 28 gal water tank, pump, expansion tank, sink, faucet, water filter, winterizing ports
  • Exterior storage boxes
  • Entry steps
  • Arctic Tern dual pane windows
  • Custom premium mattress
  • Lagun table
  • Inhabit Design floor covering
  • Interior and exterior premium LED lighting
  • Maxxair 7500K roof vent
  • 12V and USB power points
  • Integrated backup camera
  • Digital rearview mirror
  • Outdoor shower
  • Awning
  • Rear MOLLE panels
  • Rotopax mounts
  • Dry-flush or composting toilet
  • Paint matching to truck available

Durable enough for all conditions

Engineered, built and tested for off-roading.

High-strength, durable and insulating composite wall panels are permanently joined to our proprietary reinforced composite floor.

Ultra-strong yet flexible adhesives allow the camper to absorb vibrations and flex without damage.

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Less weight means your truck retains its performance when climbing hills, towing and powering over obstacles.

Lower center of gravity means less body roll when cornering, less risk of rolling over and better off-camber traction.

Less wear and tear on the truck’s suspension, drivetrain, steering components and brakes. Able to run lower (softer) spring rates for better suspension travel and comfort.

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More space for gear + comfort

Interior space for comfortably sleeping inside with ample storage for gear, while keeping weight to a minimum.

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Finished Interior

All Enduro campers come with interiors pre-finished in brilliant white gelcoat. It's very easy to clean (just hose it down!) and creates a bright, warm interior. No carpeting to collect dirt, dog hair and the smell of campfire smoke.

High thermal efficiency

Insulated structural panels keep the camper warm at night and cool during the day. Great for dogs, food, surfboards, and gear. Less condensation lowers the risk of mold formation.

Spacious layout

Side entry door creates a spacious, open floor plan in a compact footprint - the opposite of cramped "hallway camping".  Full access to the galley and storage while the bed is deployed so you can make coffee while your partner sleeps late.


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