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  • 600 lbs shell weight (not including weight savings from truck bed removal) shell weight
  • 1,000 – 1,400 lbs. for complete build depending on options
  • Four season capable
  • Mounted directly to the truck’s frame with isolation bushings (no flatbed required)
  • Integrated wheel wells designed to clear 37″ tires
  • Flatbed mounted options also available
  • 2 year structural warranty


  • High strength, R-5 FRP/foam/FRP composite panel walls, R-7.5 roof
  • High-strength structural floor laminated with 2000 psi epoxy and reinforced with internal aluminum framing.
  • Aluminum profiles cap and reinforce joints
  • Carbon fiber structural skin on overhang
  • Waterproof antimicrobial canvas tent, attached with keder track
  • Custom aluminum T-track extrusions wrap roof line
  • 100% wood free!


Available for the following 6.5′ bed trucks:

– 2022+ Toyota Tundra
– 2015+ Ford F150, F250/350
– 2019+ RAM 2500/3500

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